MoneySense For Your Child


MoneySense For Your Child | Programme specially curated for parents to attend

This activity-based workshop aims to provide parents with the knowledge to teach their children the importance of inculcating good financial habits from young.  It covers ways that can help to give children money sense such as teaching and modelling healthy financial habits and budgeting.

• Teach and model healthy financial habits
• Teach your children how to budget and save
• Differentiating between needs and wants
• Being a smart consumer
• Understanding payment methods

• Suitable for parents of children aged between 3 to 16 (ie parents of preschoolers aged 3 to 6, primary school goers aged 7 to 12 and secondary school children aged 13 to 16.)

1.5 Hours

Also Available: 

  • MoneySense For Your Child – Preschoolers (for parents to attend)
  • MoneySense For Your Child – Primary schoolers (for parents to attend)
  • MoneySense For Your Child – Secondary schoolers (for parents to attend)

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