Why are the talks and workshops conducted for free?
The talks and workshops are free because the Institute is a collaboration between MoneySENSE, spearheaded by the public-sector Financial Education Steering Committee, and Singapore Polytechnic Enterprise Pte Ltd. Our aim is to increase the financial literacy level in Singapore.
Do I have to attend the modules/topics in sequence?
The Institute encourages participants to attend the foundation-module on managing income, spending, savings and learning how to use a budget so that they have a better foundation and are then able to plan their finances better. Likewise, the second module on how to do up a personal financial plan is very useful before embarking on the insurance or retirement planning modules.

Nevertheless, each module can function on its own and participants can attend whichever module they prefer in any sequence.

I am very keen in attending the talks/workshops. Unfortunately my organisation is not participating in the IFL programmes at the moment. How do I sign up for it as an individual?
The Institute offers free public workshops and talks to the public. Please look out for advertisements on either our Institute’s website (ifl.org.sg) or Facebook page (www.facebook.com/finlit.sg).

Individuals can also enrol in our free e-learning courses – https://ifl.org.sg/e-learning/

Will I be given a certificate after attending the Institute’s workshops/talks?
The Institute does not award certificates and also does not provide accreditation.
Where can I get good recommendations for a personal financial planner?
The Institute provides education and develops financial literacy skills to help you make effective financial decisions. We cannot recommend any particular financial planner, adviser or company.

Members of the public should check with the MAS Register of Representatives, which can be found on the MAS website: www.mas.gov.sg, on the background of their financial planner.

If I have attended a workshop or talk on a particular topic before, can I attend it again?
The Institute encourages participants to build on their knowledge and skills by attending the 2nd topic if they have already attended the 1st topic and so on.

If participants like to attend the same workshop and talk again to reinforce their learning, they can do so.

Individuals can also enrol in our free e-learning courses – https://ifl.org.sg/e-learning/

Can I arrange an individual session with the Institute’s trainer? / I have some questions about investment and insurance. Can I seek advice from the Institute’s trainer?
The Institute provides financial education courses and does not conduct individual sessions or provide advice. We recommend that individuals seek the advice of their personal financial adviser/planner for individual consultation.
Where are your trainers from? Are they from banks or financial advisory companies?
The Institute’s trainers are full-time trainers of the Institute and of Singapore Polytechnic. They do not represent any bank or financial institution and do not sell any financial products.
I am familiar with investment tools and insurance, is there any course relevant or useful to me? / I would like to find out more about the courses, who can I talk to?
The Institute’s workshops and talks equip the public with the knowledge and skills to make effective financial decisions. Hence, the initial workshops by the Institute on insurance and investment provide participants with the skills to distinguish between different insurance policies and investment tools to help them make better decisions on which policy or instrument to choose. These are fundamental skills which are relevant to any person. Each year, the Institute will develop and deliver workshops and talks that provide more in-depth knowledge and we welcome participants of differing prior knowledge to attend.
What benefits would I get out of the Institute’s programmes?
The Institute’s courses aim to help its participants develop skills to make effective decisions about their money/financial matters. For example, the Institute’s workshop on “Making Sense of Your Money” will provide participants with a guided, hands-on approach on how to do up a personal budget to plan spending and savings.
What should I do if I am currently in financial distress?
Persons in financial distress are encouraged to seek the advice of Credit Counselling Singapore (www.ccs.org.sg) or their nearest Community Development Council.
Do we have to pay for the Institute’s workshops and talks?
No. They are conducted free-of-charge.
Why is Singapore Polytechnic Enterprise Pte Ltd doing this programme?
Singapore Polytechnic Enterprise Pte Ltd has been especially appointed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) to develop and conduct free and unbiased financial literacy programmes to the public, so as to develop their core financial capabilities.

We are indeed privileged to be given this role of helping to increase the financial literacy level in Singapore.

Does the Institute promote any financial products?
No, we do not.
Are the programmes available for students?
The Institute’s programmes are for income-earners, including retirees. We also do sessions for tertiary students.
Are the programmes available to retirees?
Yes. The Institute is working with various associations to conduct programmes for retirees.